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About Us

About Us (Powered by TFWW) was founded by Matt Bohl who has a 28 year career in the trucking and transportation industry with extensive experience that ranges from a dock worker to his days as Terminal Manager at R&L Carriers. At R&L, he managed an incredible team of 12 employees when he started, to 158 when he left just over 6 years later on great terms to start as a freight management provider. Our team at has been together for over 17 years which will result in a level of consistency in service that all businesses desire to work and benefit from. Yes, there are many freight management companies to choose from, but nobody can compare to the quality of rates, service and dedication to our customers that our team at will provide day in and day out.

At, we believe in partnering with the companies that work with us.  We’re simply an extension of our customers business. If we make them more successful, we become more successful, if they fail, we fail. This mindset helps the all the parties involved. We know freight logistics can be very frustrating at times with the ever changing rates, rules and requirements needed to keep the freight moving with the rapid changing technologies we all deal with daily. When surprises or unfortunate situations arise with a shipment, always steps up to handle the situation in the most cost effective way and our customers never find themselves feeling alone.

Today we work with thousands of businesses, many are small that only ship a few times a year and many are large that ship many per day, delivering to virtually every corner of North America. We serve all types of customers and maintain the highest standards of service. From the backend that gathers and organizes quotes to the self-service online tools that give you all the information you need to manage freight like a pro, our business is designed to serve yours.

With the help of TFWW, we give you patented technology at your fingertips, years of experience and a contract carrier network you know you can trust!!

Service that never stops.

Technology alone can’t solve every problem. That’s why we also have highly trained shipping experts who are ready to answer any question, at any time.

So whether you’re an experienced or novice shipper, we have the tools and experts to help you plan and execute complex or simple shipping solutions.

We’re part of the community.

Customer service also extends to the communities in which we live, work and play. employees can be seen engaging in both internal and external events supporting many types of events from local auto racing to fishing contests. Local Auto Racing is one of our favorites due to the incredible fan base full of hard working, kind and loyal fans that support the names on the sides of the cars unlike any other fanbase in America. Almost all of the names on the sides of the local race cars in your area are small businesses owned and operated by people living in your community.  These businesses rely on the success of the people around them. The small business owners are the leaders of our communities and if they disappear, so does our leadership

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