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    But at that moment has been created Finnegans I was trying to find to. Crossing a busy road to the seafront and then back on the I thought, I was approached by young lady who was just so plain looking and so non pro I for you to ask her to repeat what she said when she asked me household . instead , wanted sex and despite the fact that I said I wasnt interested she proceeded adhere to me, even when I crossed back over again the same busy road for at that point I was dying to have a pee and while wishing I had used bathroom in the pub and finding the seafront too well lit up to undertake the deed I was looking for the best quietest dark stretch of road to obtain it done. Then finding

    First of all getting over the pleasant but surprise shock part we then talked for a while leading into a dark quiet courtyard with a small car park and checking first that there had not been sign of any life, I did what was necessary while the same person stood right right next to me and carried on talking, this time whispering. Actually what started out as being a bit weird in that Initially when i first said I wasnt interested and by me ignoring the person while I kept walking, I then found myself becoming excited.

    Baku Back-Alley Blowjob

    But here behind vehicle park I noticed another alley led to another smaller courtyard further in the dust and further out of sight next to some business premises all shut up for the night and all ready Got a hard on. First taking
    KIEV MO NGERING RECAP off and then unzipping my trousers and pulling them down for me acquire off, then folding my clothing neatly placing them on her jacket which she lay on ground level as if she had done this many times until then pulled down my undies and knelt down glued to me and through her mouth gave me some heavenly attention to my stiff erect cock, sucking and licking the end of my dick and balls. I must have let her carry on for a good 10 minutes, at least, standing there with my eyes closed, with me finally cuming in her mouth and her swallowing and me thinking at that point I had died and gone to heaven. Only then do we heard the sound of a car approaching and when the headlights seemed for a second to shine our way we both froze and just stood still, but the car carried on slowly without stopping and thankfully left the car park.

    The Shock of it

    Okay that was a little warning, telling me it was then time to leave but after noticed she was clutching something, a proper hide something in her right manually. Then I got it, the shock than me as well it was my money she been in her hand confirmed with my back trouser pocket button undone and thinking she was being clever maybe to confuse and trick me she had left me some notes in replacing pocket amounting to 10 Manat once i counted this can. Generally I never carry a wallet, good job too. If thinking I had genuinely lost that money and informed her I didnt have enough cash devote her would she still demanding payment have then accompanied me to the nearest ATM? Noticed that you get annoyed I started to wrestle with her, in search of prise my cash through her hand with some difficulty and will not having any clothes lets start on my underpants wrapped around my ankles I was at a drawback especially if a person passing by had seen us. Notion even now still scares me.

    Shaking her off

    Now here is an amazing thing which tells us even more about the mentality mind within a prostitute street whore; despite trying to steal 150 Manat off me, and being caught red handed, while still keeping to my word I still paid the person her 35 rounding it up to 40 Manat but when she had the sheer audacity absolutely no shame to demand another 20 Manat for her taxi home I walked away shaking my chief. Even so she followed me all method back to the street where Finnegans was and still unable to shake her off, I carried on the Square where she still wouldnt leave my bad. Her constant muttering which was now being begging was fucking well doing my head in and are familiar with what, Got had enough and in order to shut those up, just to get rid of her I gave her the 26. Now please fuck off, disappear for good I wanted to say.

    But the evening had still not was concluded.

    All these extra activities that evening had left me feeling hungry so from one of the dozens of Doner Kebab outlets open 24 hours I ordered a chicken Doner and eat it in the Square. Being well after midnight had been still surprisingly a associated with people about but mostly males who looked like tourists at a Middle Distance.

    Still not feeling that tired Believed I would squeeze another hour out from the night and remembering that lit up sign for Massaj I passed earlier I thought as well as keeping me regarding mischief, developing a nice relaxing one would not only relax me but would round off the evening nicely and clear my mind a little bit.

    Perfect Massage Place

    Actually there turned to be able to be two massage premises on tennis shoes section of Khagani Street but with separate entrances on either side of the path but on opposite finishes. The entrance I chose was not the one next towards sign I passed earlier but definitely didnt matter for once inside I was in Elegance. I had actually found that perfect massage place that I’ve been looking for, for the majority of the my every day.

    Baku Massaje

    Entering the set of steps leading down in a basement right after which a corridor I just walked for your where the tunes was coming from which would be a large lounge bar area where the ladies were hanging out or dancing on the tiny dance floor. So basically just by standing at the bar you can order a drink and you need to relax a bit and children there, without that you purchase me a glass or two hassle from the girls, perhaps get down to it and trinkets girl consideration. Either way you pay the Russian Mamasan at the bar 50 Manat which include an unhurried proper massage and 1 pop value of full girl or boy. Now what could be more simpler and simple investment than so?

    So to the best very little bit. All the girls were attractive with maybe extremely older girls being within their middle to late early twenties. Here in front of me were white skinned and darker skinned, blondes, a redhead, black hair, brown hair and a common attractive Turkish looking girl with long wavy frizzy hair who I selected. My only regret was not finding this place much earlier after dark when my balls were much heavier and full.

    Ushering me into the area to undress, which any small shower unit in the corner, she returned with some towels and balanced on top were some bottles several lotions. Slowly she undressed in front of me, slowly hanging up each item of her clothes to see her just in her bra and knickers aroused my cock again unfortunately I was done really which enables it to not get a full erection. When satisfied
    Eventually found a spot and had a nice fish meal and enjoyed the sun had turned cell phone camera off and set it away she stood completely naked watching me with both practical her sides. baku turkish massagebaku girl undressingbaku girl undiesbaku massage girl

    Steamy Turkish Massage

    Tilting her head to 1 side mentioned if Enjoyed what I saw. Then she got in the shower and gave her fanny had been nicely trimmed, not fully shaven a fine spray.

    Too tired really to go into the shower myself From the trying to hold on to in few embarrassing exhaust fumes from the kebab while lay on my little stomach experiencing that very sensuous sexual credit card swipe where you know any second the top of her fingers will likely touch your balls. I quickly fell asleep and not waking me up before the session had finished, for her I was an easy customer.

    Saying it better than even Arnold Schwarzenegger, I told her and the smiling Mamasan and an Arab customer just arriving in from the path outside, Ill Be Ago.

    Coming up in the other Baku instalment

    I execute a bit of Baku sightseeing in high places so in the Matt Residence see bit of darker skin

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