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    A ghillie suit is a camouflage employed by hunters, snipers, and recently by paintball players, to enable them to blend within their surroundings in a wooded area. Ghille suits happen to be utilized by the military approximately the final century, and possess recently been adopted by serious paintballers to aid aid their game.

    When individuals imagine "camouflage" uniforms they are with the shirt and pant combo that has differing shades of green, brown, and tan. Ghillie suits take this concept much farther, making the wearer look just like a tree or bush himself! These are created from burlap or twine mounted on a poncho as well as other sort of clothing that is the base of the suit. You can find commercially made suits as well as handmade suits available, together with the latter taking any where from weeks to months to create due to the intricacies in the suit.

    Ghillie suits offer many perks for the wearer, but there’s also some disadvantages to be considered before you make the decision to wear one. The principle advantage is:

    Near perfect camouflage – If you’re paintballing or hunting with this type of camo, as long as you’re sitting motionless and waiting, you happen to be almost guaranteed not to be observed from your enemy.

    However, the disadvantages include:

    Heat – Ghillie suits could possibly get extremely hot inside, even during cooler climates. It is not uncommon for the temperature inside suit to achieve over 120 degrees.

    Weight – They may be very heavy, so if you’re considering caught a paintball field it may not be your best option (although should you be just waiting and sniping than the is a little a non-issue).

    Maintenance – Due to their construction, they are usually impossible to wash because they will falter. However, since they get dirty after a while they tend to execute better as dirt, mud, and other elements could make the suit look even more natural. For the hunter this could be not very much of an issue, nevertheless for someone who uses it for paintballing it could be a problem.

    Carefully weigh each of the factors when deciding if the ghillie suit suits your requirements.

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