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    Henry Ford began your way of Ford motors in the year 1903. Since the incorporation from the organization, Ford motors is growing to become most significant players inside the automotive industry. Previously 100 plus years, Ford has become successful pushing limits in automotive technology as well as in introducing cars that have gained the loyalty of countless consumers.

    FUN FACT!! The very first Ford sold would have been to Dr. Pfennig in 1903, to get a grand total of $850. The "Model A" were built with a 2-cylinder engine and can reach a max speed of 30 mph

    Very good factor is not something that is totally new to Ford. The truth is, in 1903, the 1st Model T was introduced that gained immense popularity. The demand was so high how the company was required to get innovative using its mass production methods. In 1911, Ford went across the oceans and established a branch in Manchester, England. To satisfy the improved demand and wish for quick production, Ford Motors changed history inside the automotive industry by introducing the initial moving assembly line with the Highland Park Assembly Plant in 1913. The 1st assembly line has 140 assemblers who worked along a 150-foot line to collect the various components. By the 1920s, the business has over 20 overseas assembly plants around the globe the largest automobile producer in America.

    In 2008, in the event the three big automakers – Ford, Vehicle and Chrysler were facing major financial issues, America government ought to the rescue by providing financial aid through TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program). Ford was the one organization which was able to survive hard time and failed to seek bankruptcy relief. Ever since then the organization has become steadily advancing and leaving its mark about the industry.

    Since turn with the decade, Ford has been purchasing manufacturing fuel-efficient models. It is often successful for making cars who have high performance while at the same time being eco-friendly. Today, Ford is among the leading sellers for hybrid and electronic cars in America.

    At the time of 2018, Ford has announced it will be phasing out its passenger cars and concentrate on creating electric cars, hybrids, pickups, and SUVs. It is usually working towards bringing advanced technology to create consumers’ driving experiences comfortable and luxurious. Ford will probably be bringing back the popular Ranger and Bronco from 2019, and also a Diesel type of the F-150 truck.

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